Alternative Wedding Guest Book, Medium-Sized

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Alternative Wedding Guest Book, Medium-Sized


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Here's a custom wedding guest book! 
They said records, and I said YES!

**RUSH ORDERS: Need your book very soon? Please message me!!! All 'rush orders' (need book shipped in under 3 weeks) will be charged and additional $35. **

Hand sewn and bound!
6 Full-size repurposed vinyl records! (12 in.)
Waxed thread!

This size book is best suited for a 100-150 guest wedding. That is... unless your loved ones like to write a giant paragraph like mine would!

-I designed the binding logistics to maintain longevity--holding true to the traditional Coptic method. Each record features a leather edge, saddle-stitched for a forever hold.

-Metallic Sharpies work best on the surface! 

-Make sure to store in a cool place! The records run the chance of warping if exposed to heat. 

-Slight scuffs and scratches may be present. I try to pick out the shiniest records, but bear in mind that these are antiques that have had a past life!

-I meticulously clean the book with rubbing alcohol and a cotton rag, a microfiber cloth, and a little lung power *blows*. Some lint or dust may find it's way to the book between the time it exits my hands and enters yours. To clean, I recommend using a microfiber cloth---or something real real soft. If you accidentally get finger prints on it, rubbing alcohol should do the trick! Please note that once people have begun signing it with sharpies, alcohol should not be used--it will erase all of those sweet messages. Again--microfiber cloth *only* after it has been signed.

-Don't be alarmed! Some light marker bleeding may occur due to the grooves in the records.

*Leather availability fluctuates, being that it is used for many items in my shop. I will work with you to make your leather dreams come true! Unsure and want an opinion?! Shoot me a message!
An example image of leather colors is included with this listing. Please please please remember that this selection fluctuates. 

*Thread: Scarlet red, chocolate brown, yellow, white, turquoise, moss green, deep green, nut tan, lapis blue, lavender, deep wine, grey, black.

*Center Stickers: Another way to customize your extra special book! I now have these as separate listings! SO much easier to manage. Please follow these links for stickers! 

COVER Center Sticker ($10):

WHOLE BOOK Center Stickers ($55):

I use records that I have on hand. They are lightly used and are of various genres. If you have specific artists or genres in mind, please ask me; I may have them! 
In the case that you would like specific artists or genres and I don't already have them, I could contact my cool lil' local shop 'Ear Candy' here in Missoula, MT and send you a quote for what they have (a $10 record hunt fee may apply.) You will be required to pay for the specific records. I am SO happy to do this for you, I just cannot afford to pay for them myself!

If you supply the records I can give you a small discount of $10-$20 off the total cost of the book, depending on your book size. The records I typically use are inexpensive/ given to me from people in my community (most customers choose the custom center label route so I just look for gently used albums- it doesn’t matter what artists I use since the label is covered.) The listing price for my books are constructed of a small materials fee and a large labor fee. Binding requires 8 hours+ per book so I can't move my price around too much.

*Records/Book size: Want more or less records?